Bedrooms from 200 dirhams (B&B), credit cards accepted

Prices and conditions

Bedrooms prices

We have to different types of rooms. You can find detailed information about our bedrooms’ equipment here.

1 person 2 persons 3 persons
Room with air-conditioner, en-suite bathroom and balcony
B. & B. 400 drh 500 drh 750 drh
Half-board 450 drh 600 drh 900 drh
Room with en-suite bathroom
B. & B. 200 drh 300 drh 450 drh
Half-board 250 drh 400 drh 600 drh


Children under 4 can sleep for free in their parents’ room. Between 4 and 12, a rebate of 30% is applied.

Extra costs:

An extra cost of 120 dirhams is invoiced for Sylvester (31st of December). The individual taxes (calculated per person and night) is not included in our prices.

Restaurant and meals

  • Menu starts at 120 dirhams per person (a starter, main course and dessert, drinks not included, see details here)
  • Meshwi on special order, at least one day ahead. The price depends of the number of persons
  • Breakfast : 50 dirhams
  • Drinks (juices, soda, etc) : 15 dirhams

Other services

  • Airport transfer : 150 dirhams
  • Airport transfer at night : 200 dirhams
  • Internet in the hotel (wifi) : free


We accept payments in cash (dirhams, euros, sterling, dollars and any currency we can convert), checks of a Moroccan bank, bank transfer and credit card (Visa and Mastercard).

For a credit card payment, we add 5% to the invoice.

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