Hotel Zaghro's restaurant serves a delicious Moroccan food

The restaurant

The restaurantThe restaurant

Hotel Zaghro offers many different Moroccan specialities, each as delicious as the others.

For your meal, you can select our large restaurant, or a table at the swimming pool. The perfect solution for a cool lunch in swimming suit !

We also have a private lounge that can host up to 50 people for your celebrations, weddings, anniversaries.


Breakfast is continental or Moroccan, you can drink your cup of hot beverage with pastries like croissant, or a barir or a msamem, which are two different Moroccan pancakes, one as delicious as the other, or toasts… and of course enjoy our freshly pressed orange juice !


We propose a three-course menu, with starter, main course and dessert. Everything is cooked at the hotel, with fresh products bought at the local market.

Depending of the season, you will start with a salad or a soup.

The main course can be a tajine, grilled skewers or a couscous.

As dessert, in most of the cases, you will appreciate a plate of fresh fruits, or Moroccan cakes.

Our hotel does not sell alcohol, but you can buy your own one and drink it.

Meswhi or Mechoui

Meswhi is a traditional Moroccan festive meal, with a lamb that has been slowly cooked in a closed clay oven , for hours. Because it takes so long to prepare, it must be ordered (at least a day ahead). We serve meswhi with salads and harira (Moroccan soup), a couscous and various dessert. The meal is finished with a green mint tea.


The hotel offers 280 seats :

  • 200 seats in the main restaurant room
  • 50 seats in the private lounge
  • 30 seats at the swimming pool


Menus starts at 70 dirhams. Drinks are not included. Breakfast (if you are not staying at the hotel) costs 30 dirhams.

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